Emotional affairs turning intimateEmotional affair recovery is an extremely difficult situation for many people. Most people don’t want their relationships and marriages to end. They want to work things out. They want to make things better than before. But most people simply don’t know where to start when it comes to healing after an affair.

If your heart is currently being torn apart by your partner having an emotional affair, sexual affair, or both, know you are not alone…even if it feels like you are.

The feelings of anger, shock, betrayal, anxiety, sadness, and helplessness can be extremely overwhelming when dealing with infidelity in marriage.

In his highly recommended online course, “How To Survive An Affair”, marriage counselor, Dr. Frank Gunzburg, states, “One of the most common reactions people have when they find out their loved one has cheated on them is a sense of aloneness. The person who has been injured by the affair often thinks, “Why me? Among all the people in the world, why did this happen to me?”

Infidelity in marriage happens more often than you might think. Although reliable infidelity statistics can be difficult to come by, one thing’s for sure: you are not alone if your relationship has been shattered by an affair. Read the rest of this entry