Although emotional cheating can be an extremely controversial subject, the term can broadly be defined as emotional unfaithfulness. When you start to share intimate thoughts and feelings with someone who isn’t your spouse or partner, then you begin to walk the fine line between friendship and an emotional affair. And that’s precisely the point where things become controversial.

Emotional cheatingEmotional cheating doesn’t involve physical intimacy or intercourse, so it can be much harder to define than a sexual affair. When your spouse or partner has sex with someone outside of your relationship, then the situation is pretty cut and dry. Either they had sex or they didn’t. But with an emotional affair, it can be much more difficult to draw that line and determine where “friendship” ends and an “emotional affair” begins.

Is having lunch with an opposite sex co-worker off limits? Is listening to a friend and discussing intimate details of their personal life and relationships considered cheating? Does calling or texting a co-worker outside of work violate the relationship and cross the line? These are difficult questions with difficult answers. Read the rest of this entry

Emotional Affairs – On The Rise?

How to survive an affair guideIn today’s technological age, emotional affairs are becoming an ever more troublesome relationship problem. Cell phones, email, computers, and the Internet have made it easier and easier to communicate discreetly with people around the globe.

Unlike a sexual affair where it is necessary for two people to meet to carry out the physical act, emotional affairs can occur with someone completely on the other side of the country or even in a different country. With advances in technology, your spouse can spill their heart and share their most intimate thoughts and feelings with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With this in mind, emotional affairs and emotional cheating are, in many ways, even more devastating to a relationship than physical affairs. There are several reasons for this. Read the rest of this entry

Emotional Affairs – Top Tips From Dr. Frank Gunzburg

If emotional affairs or physical cheating have your relationship teetering on the edge of extinction, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.

You see, I’m glad you’re here, but I wish we could have met under different circumstances.

Since you’re here reading this, chances are you feel betrayed by someone you dearly love. Maybe you were even the one who broke your partner’s trust and developed a deep, emotional or physical connection with someone else.

I don’t know your exact situation, and I may not be able to help you personally, but I do know someone who I think can help.

His name is Dr. Frank Gunzburg and for the last 31 years he’s made it his mission to help couples who are desperate to save their marriages after affairs.

If you’re worried about having your marriage torn apart by a marital affair, the statistics below may give you hope. Read the rest of this entry