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Emotional cheating signs are often subtle and can be hard to detect, but changes in a spouse’s behavior can often signify cheating in relationships if you know what to look for. What a person feels on the inside can be extremely hard to hide on the outside, so if you pay attention to what your spouse says and does, you’ll often pick up on signs of emotional infidelity quite easily.

Once you’ve picked up on signs of an emotional affair, you’ll need to trust your gut instincts. This can be one of the hardest parts of dealing with infidelity in marriage.

Even when you know in your heart your spouse is cheating on you, it can be extremely difficult to trust your extincts because you’ll often find yourself making excuses for them. You’ll find yourself convincing yourself it’s not true or accepting their lies and deceit because you don’t want to face the reality that you really have been betrayed.

If your heart is telling you they are cheating and you need proof, software like Spouse Spy can give you the answers you’re looking for. Sometimes doing your own investigative work is the only way to get the truth. Read the rest of this entry

Although emotional cheating can be an extremely controversial subject, the term can broadly be defined as emotional unfaithfulness. When you start to share intimate thoughts and feelings with someone who isn’t your spouse or partner, then you begin to walk the fine line between friendship and an emotional affair. And that’s precisely the point where things become controversial.

Emotional cheatingEmotional cheating doesn’t involve physical intimacy or intercourse, so it can be much harder to define than a sexual affair. When your spouse or partner has sex with someone outside of your relationship, then the situation is pretty cut and dry. Either they had sex or they didn’t. But with an emotional affair, it can be much more difficult to draw that line and determine where “friendship” ends and an “emotional affair” begins.

Is having lunch with an opposite sex co-worker off limits? Is listening to a friend and discussing intimate details of their personal life and relationships considered cheating? Does calling or texting a co-worker outside of work violate the relationship and cross the line? These are difficult questions with difficult answers. Read the rest of this entry